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Sometimes various parts of life converge in interesting ways. When it happens to me, the phrase that pops into my mind is, ‘What a small world’. I remember it happening in Colorado last year at Campus Crusade’s national staff conference. Joseph Stowell, who was president at M.B.I. when I was there, was a guest speaker. After he spoke one day, I went down front to try and say hi. Well, he had to catch a plane and a few hundred people had the same idea, so I didn’t get to talk to him. (my fault for waiting until the last day) But I did run into a guy from my dorm at Moody, Kevin Smith. Kevin is now on staff with Priority Associates, a Crusade ministry. We chatted very quickly and I got his card.

Today I see that on the main Crusade web site there is a story about what is going on in New Orleans and some of the Crusade folks involved in the effort. It is a powerful story that I think brings into sharp relief what Crusade is all about. It is cool too that it features my friend Kevin. What a great convergence of two institutions I love – Moody and Crusade.

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