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Well, if you get our newsletter, it should be landing in your mailbox today or tomorrow. Monday at the latest I would think. Either way, in it we talk about a friend and co-laborer Miharet. He is a young Ethiopian man with technical talent and a heart for reaching his country, his continent and the world.

Ingrid was able to grab a few moments and allow Miheret to share a bit about himself and the things he is trusting God to do in the next year. There is a lot of background noise so I’ll put a transcript ( made by me so it’s close but not perfect) to help if you can’t hear him all that well. We filmed all these on a rather old little point and click camera.

Ingrid: Ok, this is Miheret and Miheret why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

Miheret: Ok, thank you for this. My name is Miheret Tilahun and I work in Ethiopian Campus Crusade ministry. I grew up in Ethopia and I hold a degree in Computer Science. I have been doing Global Media Outreach internet in ministry concentrating on Ethiopia and Africa. Now I am planning to establish a communications center for the Southeast Africa Campus Crusade area office. Here in Thailand I am really happy meeting Ingrid.

Ingrid: Ok, why don’t you tell us what you are trusting God for this next year.

Miheret: Oh, this next year our communications center will be established, I hope. And I believe that we will train more on-line missionaries in Ethopia and in Southeast Africa. As well we will try to use technology in a more integrated way with our ongoing ministries.

Ingrid: Ok, thank you so much!

Miherete: You are welcome. Bye.

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