We continue to move forward. We are now at 17% of our total goal for monthly support. It has been incredible to see how God brings new partners along side of us in this ministry. We look forward to turning that investment into work that will impact people all over the globe.

God has been good, taking care of us and helping us to make good use of our time. We are so glad that He is in charge of this whole process, because we certainly wouldn’t be smart enough to work out all the details. We are seeing how He provides for each new situation and makes provision for events before we even know they will take place. It’s very exciting and humbling.

Making Progress

Well, it was a good week on the team building front. God has blessed us greatly and we are very excited about what has been happening. We had a good number join our ministry team this week and we were very encouraged. We are now a touch above 10% on reaching our total support.

This last week we had the opportunity to share our ministry with a small group, in the home of one of our supporters. It was a great time with fellowship, some information about our ministry and ice cream. Ingrid and I tell everyone a bit about Crusade and what our role will be in Florida. Later, we contact those who were there to see if they would like to be a part of our support team. It was just an awesome time and we all had fun. If you think you might like to do something like this in your home, give us a call. We’d love to set it up!

Keep praying for us- that we would have the energy to keep up the pace, and that we would use our time wisely. Let us know how we can pray for you. Prayer is the one thing none of us can do without.