Day: October 15, 2004


Well, Ingrid and I just got back from a few days in San Juan Capistrano, CA. We were there for Crusade Training and it was very good. We had time to get some rest, refocus and refine some of our methods for raising support.

We drove out on Saturday and checked in to the conference on Sunday afternoon. Sunday morning we visited Saddleback Church. It was really a great time. We enjoyed the worship and the message. It was all about how believers need to share the good news with the people around them. And that is the bottom line. We are all surrounded by people who have a great need, and we can tell them the solution to that need.

We continue to move forward in raising our support. We are now at 26%. We have fallen about a month behind our goal, but we are firm in our belief that God will provide. We are doing our best to be faithful to our part in the process.