Impact XXI

It is hard to grasp the scope of all the ministries that fall under Campus Crusade for Christ. I think one way to help our supporters see what Crusade does is to start featuring some of the ministries that have a web presence – here at our site. I’m going to try and get a link up at least once a month to a different Crusade Ministry. Since you are here, you are already on the web so checking these ministries out is just a click away.

Impact XXI Is a Crusade ministry that does a lot. It reaches people who are influencers for Christ. It also works with influencers to use that influence for eternal impact. An example of this are the Secret’s of Success television programs. They are programs that are paid for by supporters involved with Impact XXI. They feature people invovled with Impact XXI. They present success from a Godly perspective and have exposed millions of people all over the world to the gospel. This is an extremely exciting ministry. It is relatively small in numbers of Crusade staff but is having a huge impact on this planet. It reminds me of how Crusade began- thinking strategically. Those few Crusade staff are leveraging opportunities to do work that vastly exceeds their size. We cannot wait to get to Orlando so that we can be a part of keeping this ministry up and running.