Josh McDowell

I think it is safe to say that Josh McDowell is pretty well known as an author and speaker. Many do not realize that his ministry is a part of Campus Crusade for Christ. I highly recommend a visit to his web site, not only to see what he is doing, but also to take a look at some of the great resources available and opportunities to get involved wherever you are.

We are honored to keep people like Josh in business.


Well, we are at 58% and moving forward.

We continue to meet with folks who might want to be a part of our ministry team, and we praise God as each new member comes on board. What is probably the most critical thing right now is probably making connections with other missions minded people. If you are already on our team and know someone we should talk to, please let us know. If you would like more information yourself, drop us a line and we will get that right to you.

I’m trying to fix up the web site a bit, but our main focus is on team-building, so the web stuff has to take a back seat. But hopefully, if you visit regularly, you will notice things improving bit by bit. (ha ha- get it…. bits) Well bad puns aside, we continue on the adventure and are loving it. Nothing is better than seeing God at work, taking you where he wants you to be.

More on Crusade and Katrina


Campus Crusade for Christ, one of the world’s largest interdenominational Christian organizations, mobilizes to help Gulf Coast victims of Hurricane Katrina.

ORLANDO, FL, September 2, 2005 – Campus Crusade for Christ International is mobilizing for the largest and longest relief and recovery effort in its history in response to the devastation and human suffering left in Hurricane Katrina’s wake.

“Our hearts go out to those who have lost family and friends, and whose lives have been devastated by this event,” says Mark Gauthier, National Director of the U.S. Campus Ministry of Campus Crusade. “This is a time to be in prayer for those families, that God would comfort them and meet them in their hour of need. And, this is also a time that we as a ministry can demonstrate the compassion of Christ toward those who are hurting.”

Several ministry divisions of Campus Crusade are working to coordinate immediate relief efforts while planning long-term recovery projects. Global Aid Network (GAiN) usually organizes international relief efforts. Now they are working on their home turf. GAiN is already shipping 10,000 personal care kits to the disaster zone. Similar to kits used in military deployments, each kit contains 3 bottles or water, 3 high-energy food bars, and special waterless wipes or so called bath-in-a-bag for 2 days of bathing.

The U.S. Campus Ministry of Campus Crusade is preparing to send hundreds and even thousands of college students to the disaster zones and evacuation centers to help provide the manpower for both immediate relief and longer recovery efforts.

One evacuation center already houses more than 900 refugees. Campus Crusade will provide mature students who can listen to refugees who have lost everything. “They just need someone to put their arms around them and love them,” said one evacuation center worker. In a few days, more than 200 children housed in the camp will need people to play with them, teach them and give them hope.

“In the face of so much suffering, I’m thrilled by the generous, co-operative spirit of so many who want to help,” says Jim Topmiller, National Director of Development for the U.S. Campus Ministry. “Students are getting ready to go. We’re partnering with churches, denominations and Christian relief agencies. Corporate partners and thousands of individual donors are all asking, ‘How can we help?’” Campus Crusade has set up a website where people can give at

Founded in 1951, Campus Crusade for Christ International has 60 ministry divisions or projects working with all levels of society. As one of the largest interdenominational organizations in the world, Campus Crusade has 27,000 full-time staff serving in 190 countries. Campus Crusade for Christ is a charter member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

See Crusade’s Newsroom for more information.

Hurricane Katrina

Here is a copy of a message that Steve Sellers has sent out to all U.S. Crusade Staff:

Dear Staff,

I want you to have a brief update on the current information regarding Hurricane Katrina and her effect on our staff members. As you know, the destruction caused by the storm and its after-effects has been devastating. We grieve for the loss of life and for the immense disruption that’s occurred in the last several days. Please continue to pray for those affected.

As of Wednesday afternoon we believe that all of our staff members are safe and accounted for. There has been some structural damage to staff property but no serious injury or lives lost. In the midst of our concern we’re deeply grateful that God protected the lives of our staff families. We do know that many of our staff member’s home-churches and personal supporters have experienced a great deal of disruption. We’re prepared to come alongside our staff whose support teams are significantly affected by this disaster. If you have additional information that is specific to our Campus Crusade family please send an email to

Our ministries in the United States will have two near-term responses to needs caused by the hurricane. Global Aid Network is coordinating disaster relief efforts in the form of assessment and supplies and materials to be delivered. In addition, the Campus Ministry is planning on-site assistance to be provided at the appropriate time. In the immediate future we will let agencies like the Red Cross do what they do best. As soon as plans are set and opportunities for assistance are available we’ll have that information to you.

Campus Crusade is an active participant in the Christian Emergency Network. This network is a coordinated effort of numerous Christian organizations seeking to work together in a spirit of unity. For news and updates from a Christian perspective, please visit the site.

Many of you have contacted us asking how to contribute financially. Account transfers and donations can be directed to account number 2804384

Again, please continue to intercede for the millions of people whose lives are affected by this natural disaster. We trust God’s wisdom and goodness. We’ll look forward to opportunities to be his hands and feet and we’ll keep you posted.

Arm in arm with you,

Steve Sellers