Hurricane Katrina

Here is a copy of a message that Steve Sellers has sent out to all U.S. Crusade Staff:

Dear Staff,

I want you to have a brief update on the current information regarding Hurricane Katrina and her effect on our staff members. As you know, the destruction caused by the storm and its after-effects has been devastating. We grieve for the loss of life and for the immense disruption that’s occurred in the last several days. Please continue to pray for those affected.

As of Wednesday afternoon we believe that all of our staff members are safe and accounted for. There has been some structural damage to staff property but no serious injury or lives lost. In the midst of our concern we’re deeply grateful that God protected the lives of our staff families. We do know that many of our staff member’s home-churches and personal supporters have experienced a great deal of disruption. We’re prepared to come alongside our staff whose support teams are significantly affected by this disaster. If you have additional information that is specific to our Campus Crusade family please send an email to

Our ministries in the United States will have two near-term responses to needs caused by the hurricane. Global Aid Network is coordinating disaster relief efforts in the form of assessment and supplies and materials to be delivered. In addition, the Campus Ministry is planning on-site assistance to be provided at the appropriate time. In the immediate future we will let agencies like the Red Cross do what they do best. As soon as plans are set and opportunities for assistance are available we’ll have that information to you.

Campus Crusade is an active participant in the Christian Emergency Network. This network is a coordinated effort of numerous Christian organizations seeking to work together in a spirit of unity. For news and updates from a Christian perspective, please visit the site.

Many of you have contacted us asking how to contribute financially. Account transfers and donations can be directed to account number 2804384

Again, please continue to intercede for the millions of people whose lives are affected by this natural disaster. We trust God’s wisdom and goodness. We’ll look forward to opportunities to be his hands and feet and we’ll keep you posted.

Arm in arm with you,

Steve Sellers