Day: September 20, 2005


Well, we are at 58% and moving forward.

We continue to meet with folks who might want to be a part of our ministry team, and we praise God as each new member comes on board. What is probably the most critical thing right now is probably making connections with other missions minded people. If you are already on our team and know someone we should talk to, please let us know. If you would like more information yourself, drop us a line and we will get that right to you.

I’m trying to fix up the web site a bit, but our main focus is on team-building, so the web stuff has to take a back seat. But hopefully, if you visit regularly, you will notice things improving bit by bit. (ha ha- get it…. bits) Well bad puns aside, we continue on the adventure and are loving it. Nothing is better than seeing God at work, taking you where he wants you to be.