Merry Christmas

This is a time of year that we are (hopefully) reminded of what our lives are about. The point of everything, our purpose. Unfortunately in the commercialism that can get lost, but we pray that this is not the case with you. Man’s chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever. That is our created purpose.

But due to our own willful rebellion against God, mankind became slaves to sin. It was impossible for us to glorify or enjoy God. Our sin created an uncrossable gulf between us and God. Of course over the centuries, man created many ways to attempt to bridge the gap. Hard work, various philosophies, it still goes on today and it is all fruitless. We are incapable of correcting our sin problem in ourselves.

Thankfully God loved us so much that even though we rebelled against him, he still made a plan that would allow for our sin problem to be solved, though it would come at great sacrafice. Jesus Christ, very God, rather than insisting upon his rights as God, in the greatest act of humility ever, became a human being. This is Christmas. That Christ was obedient to the Father to the point of becoming a man.

Of course this is only the start of the story. It cannot be told without remembering that this obedience continued through his life and down the road that lead to the cross. Jesus Christ allowed himself to be crucified, and died on the cross, to pay the debt for our sins that we could not pay.

You may be receiving gifts this Christmas but of course the greatest gift any human can ever get is at once the most valuable and completely free. It is received by simply praying and acknowledging our own sinfulness, accepting Christs sacrifice upon our behalf, and asking Christ to come into our life and be our Lord.

Only when this has been done, can we begin to live out our chief end, our purpose in life.

It is our prayer that if you know Christ as your savior, that this would be a blessed Christmas. A time to reflect on your relationship with the most holy God. If you have never put Christ on the throne of your life, we pray that you would not hesitate to enter into the greatest relationship a human can know and embark upon the life you were designed to live. If you have more questions you can email me. Another place to learn more is the site Who is Jesus?