International Leadership Academies

The mission of the International Leadership Academies is, “to develop indigenous Christian leaders to build community movements that will assure the continuing fulfillment of the Great Commission in a given area. ILA provides concentrated vocational training for Christian Leaders who will mobilize believers into movements of evangelism and discipleship to reach their communities for Christ.

The ministry started in Russia in 1993 and there are now academies all over the world. This ministry trains leaders and does so, coordinating and assisting ministries with the same goal as Campus Crusade, reaching the world for Christ. The headquarters for ILA are in Phoenix, AZ. Their website has much more information about their mission, history and purpose.


It’s a new year. Last year had a number of changes for us and we expect this year to hold even more.

If you get our newsletter, you already know that we have signed a contract on a townhome being built in Orlando. It wont be finished for a while. Not until after we intend to be there, so we will rent for the time between our arrival and when it is completed. It is nice to know where we eventually will live. We thank God for the provision of this place.

If you would like to get our newsletter in email form, could you please let me know by sending me an email to ? I will respond to verify that you want the newsletter going to that email address and then we will kick it off. It would begin with the January letter (which we haven’t written yet)

We are praying hard that we finish our ministry team soon. We are ready to get going. So if you are praying for us, please pray that we would get more people to contact and that we would quickly find the rest of the people God wants to join us in our ministry.

Happy New Year!

Better late than never I guess. It is the 4th. I’m a little short on time (and battery on the laptop) but I just wanted to put in a quick note to keep things up to date. Things are moving out of ‘holiday’ mode at the Peck house and back into the full swing of normal, busy life. Tonight the kids have Awanas, Rachel is back in school, and we are pushing to try and get our ministry team complete so we can get into our next phase with Campus Crusade. Exciting times.