Our realtor is coming by today with a contract for us to sign on our house. Suddenly time feels very compressed.

If all goes well we will close on May 10th. So we just want to praise God for His goodness! The housing market in Arizona has cooled off quite a bit recently- and this has happened very quickly. We know that it is provision and answer to prayer.

We do have a new request in the wake of this event. Please pray that we would raise the last of our support before we move. It would really be nice to just move out of this house- and then to Florida- rather than having to find temporary housing in Phoenix while we finish our support. We need only $550 more in monthly support to be finished. We know it can be done easily before May 10th. So please pray with us that God would bring it all together in that time frame.

Man this is just so exciting!

Where are we?

Well, we are still in Phoenix. Our house is up for sale, and our support is almost done. We are working on raising the last $737 in monthly support that we need in order for us to report to our assignment in Orlando.

We would like to be in Florida as soon as possible, so right now things pretty much revolve around the sale of our home and the completion of our support. Construction has begun on our townhome in Orlando and it should be done by this summer. Pretty cool. So that is where we are. Busy, excited and enjoying the beautiful Arizona spring weather.