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24 Days

Well, our house should close on May 11th. We spent last week in Orlando and have lined up a condo to live in until our townhome is complete (mid or end of July we hope). The trip was a great encouragement. And since we returned home, we have completed raising our initial support! So we have 24 days to pack and prepare for the big move. It is awesome. If you would like a more detailed account of the trip, just click on ‘more’ below. Continue reading

Couple Corrections

Well, our house is supposed to close on the 11th, not the 10th. (and there is a provision that could kick it back a week if the buyers need to do that.) And we don’t need $550 in new monthly support to finish, we need $277. God is awesome. Pretty soon Ingrid and I will be headed to Orlando to line up housing for us between when we head out there with the family and when the townhome is finished. Your prayers and ours are being answered. This whole thing is coming together and it is amazing to watch it happen.

Here is a little Florida factoid for you. 90% of the lakes in Florida have alligators in them. (I found that out reading an article in the Orlando sentinel about how it is alligator breeding season and they are more prone to show up in pools and yards right now.) This is an adventure all right.