24 Days

Well, our house should close on May 11th. We spent last week in Orlando and have lined up a condo to live in until our townhome is complete (mid or end of July we hope). The trip was a great encouragement. And since we returned home, we have completed raising our initial support! So we have 24 days to pack and prepare for the big move. It is awesome. If you would like a more detailed account of the trip, just click on ‘more’ below.

We flew out Monday morning, and stayed in apartments that are part of the Wycliffe headquarters. From our apartment we could see our new townhome that is under construction. I figure it is about a 10 or 15 minute walk from the townhome to Crusade headquarters.

Tuesday we spent the morning at headquarters and had lunch with the DBA team and Applications Director. Then we went and looked at some apartment complexes we thought could provide temporary housing. They could but one had nothing available until the end of June. The other was quite a bit more expensive (neither was cheap).

Wednesday we got together with our realtor, Jenn Domeck. We had lunch at Wycliffe and Jenn shared with us how she has been unable to find a renter for the condo her and her husband own. They felt that God had been keeping it available for us. We went and looked it over and it is going to be awesome for us. They are renting it to us at a reduced cost. We told her we would stay there. Later that day Jenn called. She had no bites on renting it for months. After she told us we could stay there from May through July, she got an email from someone who wanted to start renting in August.

Thursday we visited the school that Rachel and Hannah will attend. It is very nice and we were extremely pleased with what we saw and learned. We think the kids are going to love living in Florida.

Friday we were able to attend a great Good Friday service with other Crusade staff, and then Saturday morning we headed home. Awaiting us in our mail, were committments from people who wanted to become financial supporters of our ministry. On Sunday, more joined the team, and we have completed our initial support! What an Easter. I very rarely am at a lack for words, but I cannot find many to adequately describe how humbling, amazing and exciting it is to be in the center of God’s loving care and will for our lives.