Da Vinci Quest

Well, The Da Vinci Code film will be coming out soon. The book has created quite a stir, and unless you are completely cut off from mainstream news and popular culture, you have heard something about it.

I’ve never read the book myself. No space ships or dragons – so it doesn’t really make it into my prime fluff reading criteria. But as I just mentioned, I’ve heard plenty about it.

I think a lot of people wonder how a fiction book can create all this uproar. I think it lies in the way the author presents the book as a fictional story based on factual history, that many do not think is factual. And of course when talking about religion, you are going to have some wide opinions on ‘what happened.’ I know from what I’ve read of the book that it differes widely from what I consider the truth of history. But I’m excited about the film being out as I think, much like The Passion, it is going to provide some great opportunities to discuss the Bible and Christ with people.

Campus Crusade has put together quite an array of resources for those who would like some assistance in making the most of this opportunity. In fact if you head on over to The Da Vinci Quest web site, you can order books, discussion guides and there are also many links to those resources on line. Much of it is material prepared by Josh McDowell. There is some really good stuff there. So if you’d like to take this chance to discuss the most important person in history with people who may have never felt like talking about Jesus before, then go check it out.