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Looking for a Church Home

This is the first time I (Ingrid) have written on our ministry page regarding an update. JR usually does a wonderful job, but I thought I would help out and quit making him do all the work. Well, we have visited four different churches so far here in the Orlando area. Everyone has been nice and it is a difficult decsion to make. We are praying that God will guide us to the right church where our children can grow and we can serve Him. Three of the churches we visited were church plants and being new, people recognized us as newbies right away and welcomed us. We definitely felt welcomed. Today the pastor preached about deepening your relationship with Jesus. It was very good and convicting as since we have moved here I feel like I have focused inward instead of on the Lord. The pastor definitely has a heart to see people growing in their relationship with Jesus. He was very warm and friendly. It will be a difficlut decision to make but it is also interesting going to different churches and experiencing different types of worship. I have enjoyed going to different churchs for awhile and the kids seem to have adapted well each Sunday.

Posted by on 7/2/2006.

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