Sometimes various parts of life converge in interesting ways. When it happens to me, the phrase that pops into my mind is, ‘What a small world’. I remember it happening in Colorado last year at Campus Crusade’s national staff conference. Joseph Stowell, who was president at M.B.I. when I was there, was a guest speaker. After he spoke one day, I went down front to try and say hi. Well, he had to catch a plane and a few hundred people had the same idea, so I didn’t get to talk to him. (my fault for waiting until the last day) But I did run into a guy from my dorm at Moody, Kevin Smith. Kevin is now on staff with Priority Associates, a Crusade ministry. We chatted very quickly and I got his card.

Today I see that on the main Crusade web site there is a story about what is going on in New Orleans and some of the Crusade folks involved in the effort. It is a powerful story that I think brings into sharp relief what Crusade is all about. It is cool too that it features my friend Kevin. What a great convergence of two institutions I love – Moody and Crusade.

Moving Again

Well, we think we have found a church. It is CrossPointe Church. It was difficult in some ways to choose. All the churches in our area are relatively new start ups that meet in schools. They all are looking for folks to get involved and help them move forward. We wanted to dig in with all of them, but this is where we think that God wants us to be.

In another area of praise, we closed on our town home yesterday. We have our lease on the condo through the end of the month, so we will be moving over the next couple of weeks. Ingrid is painting the kids rooms and we have to get everything over there after that. We only unpacked what we absolutely needed when we came from Phoenix. That makes it a little easier as a lot of stuff is still in boxes.

So we can use our minivan to move the boxes and then once that’s done, we’ll rent a uhaul truck, and with the help of some folks from work, we will get the furniture moved and officially be in our new home.