Day: October 20, 2006


The weather in Florida is different from Arizona, in that it is much moister here. But there are very many similarities between the two places also. It is relatively warm year round, the winter is the nice time to be outside, the seasons are not so obvious due to the lack of changing colors, etc. The biggest difference for us so far has been humidity and the storms. We get a lot more storms in Orlando than we did in Phoenix and a lot more rain in general.

When we told people we were moving here, the word ‘hurricane’ came into the discussion usually. Over the years Orlando has not been hit by a lot of hurricanes. We are 45 minutes from the east coast and a little further from the west coast of the state. But of course right before we moved here Orlando was hit by a number of hurricanes. So it was fresh on the minds of everyone.

This is probably a bit premature but I can say that this year’s hurricane season has been very mild for us to this point. One tropical storm came our way and when it went over our area, it brought less rain than we get with many normal summer showers. It did hit up north pretty hard, but really didn’t do anything in Orlando. We are pretty thankful for that. We’ve had our hands full, getting moved in and settled, making adjustments. It is nice we didn’t have any natural disasters on our plate too.