A Loss Considered

We’ve lost a couple dear supporters since we’ve reported here in Orlando, due the their passing away. It is sad and at the same time, we are happy to know that they are now in the very presence of God. It is not as emotionally difficult for us as it is for their families (friends and supporters as well) but we sympathize because we have been there ourselves.

Tonight it was just me and the kids for dinner, Ingrid was at jazzer-cise. (or however you spell that) We got to discussing about what it means to die. It was interesting to hear their ideas and questions. Talking with children about theological matters is very eye opening. It also really makes you think things through as you try to explain it to them.

I told the kids, “It’s like when my Grandma died. I was very sad that she was gone, but I was also happy to know that she was in heaven and one day I would see her again.”
Rachel asked me, “Has she called?”
So we talked some more about how heaven isn’t a part of this world and so she can’t call. We talked about how it will be a wonderful place. The girls asked questions that came to the minds of the adults in the early church, because they are addressed in the epistles. They wanted to know if you will see Jesus when he comes back if you die first. (See I Thessalonians 4 if you would like to know more.)

Death can be difficult to face, even for those of us who have Christ. But we need to not avoid it and take advantage of the opportunity that it presents to think about how brief this life is, and what really matters. I find that it helps me to refocus on eternity and escape the trap of thinking that the here and now is all there is.

I pray that you are aware of what awaits you beyond this life. I also pray that you and I are investing all we can in the life that is to come. The neat thing is that when we have a relationship with Christ, we get the best this life has to offer, along with all that is to come. What a great deal.