Impact – Day -1

On the morning of the 26th we made the drive from Orlando to Atlanta. It went pretty well and the children were very well behaved. It is a very pretty drive. Lots of trees, green fields, horses, cattle and natural beauty. Of course I also have a new rule– if you can avoid driving to or around Atlanta it is a good idea. I’ve been in the area twice in my life and both times it was crazy. We hit traffic 50 miles out of Atlanta and it was stop and go the rest of the way. Pretty crazy. We were late but we made it here.

The hotel is a part of the CNN center. From our room we look down on the food court and a large elevator that goes up 4 or 5 stories into a giant globe. It is part of the CNN tour. We are smack dab in the middle of downtown, across the street from the olympic park. It is cold here compared to Orlando. But not too bad.

We had some orientation stuff to do, got everything settled and tried to get some rest for the first day of the conference which would be registration for the attendees. I’ll write about that in the next entry.