Impact – Day 2 and 3

The last two days have been pretty similar. The conference begins in the morning with a main session that everyone attends. After the main session there are seminars held throughout the hotel. At those seminars, I’ve been helping (along with 2 others) make sure that any audio/video equipment that the speaker needs is working properly. Most of my time has been spent setting up projectors, getting them connected to the presenter’s computer and making sure it all works o.k. Some rooms have built in screens and some don’t. For those that don’t we carry a portable screen to the room. (If they are using video. Not all rooms need it.)

All the seminars start at the same time, and the people speaking usually get there 10 or 15 minutes early. That makes for a very hectic time. In between we try to have as much as possible in place before hand. Sometimes it feels like a foot race, as my phone keeps ringing and I run from room to room, trouble shooting problems or delivering things that are needed. So it has been tough to get a feel for how the conference is going. I’m so focused on making sure my little part gets done.

Every worker I run into has a similar look and when you ask how they are the most frequent response is “tired”. So we are all in the same boat – doing our best to try and make sure the attendees are able to really get good value from their time here.

Tomorrow I get a rest. Instead of having sessions, the attendees and many staff will be going out on buses to do evangelism in various parts of the city. I’m not really needed, and it would be fun to go along, but I think it would be wise on my part to regroup a bit. There are a couple small seminars I’ll be setting up but nothing big.

The kids were to be in daycare while Ingrid worked the bookstore, but a cough has kept them out of it so far. So Ingrid has been watching them in the day and working the bookstore after they go to bed. Her shift has been 9:30 pm to 1:00 am. That’s good for me because it means I have to be here by then and can rest a bit. It’s tougher on Ingrid, who is not really a night person.

But when I feel a little run down I remind myself about all the believers past and present who paid a high price for their faith. That helps me to keep things in perspective. My next report should be about day four- the day of evangelism.