Must See Video

As a father, with daughters, I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose one of my girls. Well, this video that is probably being viewed from all over the world, is a father of a VT student that died. He explains that his daughter was probably praying for the gunman as she died, because she knew that Christ forgave us when He gave His life. I have tears in my eyes – and I hope many people see this. You can see the video here.

(If for some reason that link gives you trouble – just go to, look in their video section for the video labeled “Victims Father Forgives VT Gunman”.

Virginia Tech

A large portion of our ministry is the campus ministry, as our name reflects. Below is the text from the most recent email we have received from our staff at Virginia Tech. The emphasis is theirs.

By now, if you have watched any sort of national or, for that matter, international news, you have heard of the devastation on our campus of Virginia Tech Monday.

All of our staff members are OK. We were together for our Monday morning staff meeting when the shootings happened.

The latest is that a shooter killed 33 with 27 being wounded and some not even out of surgery yet.
We had a prayer meeting Monday night for our students and the students of some other organizations. Most students are shocked and numb at this point, not sure what to think and feel. I feel the same way.

We know of at least 2 of our students who are not accounted for at this point, as well as 1 who was killed who had come to our meetings.

All of this information is coming through the network of students, as no names have been officially released yet (until after the families are notified–most likely Tuesday). I think that is the hardest part–the waiting–not really knowing who has been touched by this tragedy.

Our staff team is spending the day in the Cru office Tuesday–making ourselves available to pray with and/or counsel students.
We will take a break to attend the university-wide convocation at 2 p.m. where the Virginia governor is slated to speak.

We are gathering at noon on Wednesday to pray with other Christian groups on the drillfield–a very central place on campus.

Please pray that amidst it all that the Lord would be glorified, families would be comforted and students would grieve appropriately. I have a feeling no one is going to know how to move on from here.

By Dave Broadwell, on behalf of the the Virginia Tech staff team in Blacksburg
Posted: 17.Apr.2007