A New Look

The main web site for Campus Crusade for Christ International is CCCI.org; and it has just undergone a major over haul. I recommend checking it out. It is, I think, much easier to navigate, looks nicer and makes it a lot simpler to see some of what Crusade is doing all over the world.

Power to Change

Power to Change Logo
The new name for Campus Crusade for Christ Canada is Power to Change.

Campus Crusade for Christ ministries operate all over the world under many different names, and this is the newest. I think we may see this more often due to current events and a rise in the association of the term Crusade with the Crusades. When Campus Crusade started in the 1950s the term was used without a negative connotation, here in the United States.

It’s worth your time to head on over and check out their site. The Canadian staff are not as numerous as the American staff, but they have a huge impact that goes way beyond their numbers and speaks to the power of God to accomplish his purposes.

JR and Hungary

I’ll be heading to Hungary in January. The jokes practically write themselves. But in all seriousness, I’m very excited about the trip and the work I will be doing while I’m there.

A team from my department will be there at the same time as the Eastern European Staff Conference. While those staff are gathered in Hungary from many nations in the area, we will be available to provide technical support to them. We sent a team to the last conference 2 years ago and the work they did was extremely appreciated. I am grateful and excited to get to be a part of the team this go around. The conference dates are January 16th to the 26th. I’ll post more as details become available and planning progresses.

The language used in Hungary is, oddly enough, Hungarian. If you would like a little taste of what Hungarian is like, hop on over here.

Family Update

Things get so busy and times goes by so fast. I try to keep things up to date here, but haven’t done as well as I would like.

The kids are in school and doing well.

Ingrid and I are busy at headquarters doing our best to help the ministry leverage technology. Ingrid currently works with the Java team. They write the code for our giving web site as well as an internal web site that help staff all over track things like donations, pay, reimbursements, insurance, etc.

I’ve been working with one of our youth ministries, Student Venture, helping them to access data for some new tools they are developing for their staff. I’ve also been working with my counterparts over at the Jesus Film Project. We’ve been hosting one of their mission critical databases, as well as planning for how it will be handled in the future.

Being in Orlando has been great as we’ve seen many of our supporters come through and visit. It’s great to see friendly faces from back home and usually we end up doing things the kids enjoy – like the beach or sea world.

I can’t believe that it is already well into October. It seems like just the other day 2007 was just getting started. We are excited for what the year holds as it finishes and what the next will bring.