Day: October 21, 2007

JR and Hungary

I’ll be heading to Hungary in January. The jokes practically write themselves. But in all seriousness, I’m very excited about the trip and the work I will be doing while I’m there.

A team from my department will be there at the same time as the Eastern European Staff Conference. While those staff are gathered in Hungary from many nations in the area, we will be available to provide technical support to them. We sent a team to the last conference 2 years ago and the work they did was extremely appreciated. I am grateful and excited to get to be a part of the team this go around. The conference dates are January 16th to the 26th. I’ll post more as details become available and planning progresses.

The language used in Hungary is, oddly enough, Hungarian. If you would like a little taste of what Hungarian is like, hop on over here.