Angels rejoiced

Posted below the jump is the transcript of a conversation between a Crusade staff member and a visitor to who had logged in as “Confused”. I’ve experienced few things in life as exciting as having the privilege to lead a person to Christ. This is the next best thing. Read as this young woman comes to faith in Christ, I still get chills every time I do.
In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents. – Luke 15:10

** You are now speaking with Marilyn**
Confused : Hi Marilyn
Marilyn : Hi – how are you doing?
Confused : Well, I have been hearing about this man called Jesus a lot and something about being saved and going to heaven and it sounds great but I am really confused about it. could you help me out?
Marilyn : ok. what are your questions? I’d be happy to try to answer.
Confused : WHo is Jesus?
Marilyn : He is God – has always existed and will – there’s a great article on the site about him
Confused : okay, why did he die?
Marilyn : have you seen:
Confused : no
Confused : your article wasn’t very clear
Marilyn : which article?
Confused : “Is Jesus the only way”
Marilyn : oh yeah – the one I just gave you is much better. Would you like to talk now – or read it and then talk?
Confused : okay, I’ll go check it out, just one more question. What do I need to be saved from?
Marilyn : eternal separation from God – being without him for eternity. hell. punishment for your sin
Confused : WHy am I seperated from him?
Confused : oh, is that the bad things I do that I feel
bad for?
Marilyn : our sins – our independence from God, living apart from him. yes.
Confused : okay
Confused : umm
Confused : How do I become saved from sin?
Marilyn : that article will explain best
Confused : okay, well thank you very much for your time
Marilyn : yeah – it won’t take long to read it – I’ll be here for a while
Confused : oh, should I stay on?
Marilyn : yeah – I’ll be here for a while – give it a try and then we’ll talk more – just stay on
Confused : okay, I’m reading it
Marilyn : did that help?
Confused : So all I have to do is have faith in Jesus? I don’t have to go to a Church or anything?
Marilyn : yes – he is truly God. No you don’t have to go to church or anything. You just respond to Jesus, in what he’s offering you.
Confused : so, If I believe right now, I’m saved?
Marilyn : well, yes, just ask him to come into your life
Confused : so i get to go to heaven?
Marilyn : well, let me ask you a few questions, just so you’re clear, ok?
Confused : ok
Marilyn : Do you want a relationship with God?
Confused : yes
Marilyn : Do you believe Jesus is God, just as he claimed?
Confused : Yes
Marilyn : Are you willing to let him guide your life, as you get to know him?
Confused : Yeah I guess
Marilyn : In other words, this is a start of your relationship with him, not the end.
Confused : okay. yes
Marilyn : Then yes, ask him into your life and this is what it will mean:
Marilyn : forgiveness of all your sin. eternal life (heaven) with him. a permanent relationship with God – he will not leave you
Marilyn : Would you like to receive him into your life now? If so, talk to him, and I’ll be quiet. Then let me know.
Confused : do I just, talk?
Confused : is he listening?
Marilyn : Yes, yes to both
Confused : okay
Confused : Wow
Confused : that’s it?
Confused : I believe
Marilyn : yes – He promised he would come into your life if you let him
Marilyn : You have now begun a relationship with God.
Confused : that’s so cool. Thank you so much
Marilyn : You’re welcome. I’ve got one more place to recommend.
Confused : okay
Marilyn : First, let me give you my email address, so you have that for future questions, if you want: (I cut this out- JR)
Marilyn : We have built another site, to help you get to know God better.
Marilyn : It has articles, just like
But written to someone who has begun a relationship with Jesus.
Confused : Okay, I will go read that
Confused : thank you so much for explaining