Myanmar and China

As a way to help with the situation in Myanmar, the relief arm of Campus Crusade, GAiN USA, is partnering with local churches to distribute relief goods. If you would like to contribute to that effort, you can do so at this page. The situation there is still extremely dire. The prayer requests that we have been asked to keep in mind are these:

  • For the plans just developed by the Southeast Asia leadership to distribute food and simple supplies to 20,000 affected families in Myanmar through partnerships with local churches.
  • For the training of 8,000 believers from 200 churches to distribute these goods and to be bearers of the gospel and Christ’s love. You can imagine all the funding and logistics needed to accomplish this.
  • For God to open doors and to give supernatural strength and wisdom.

The situation in China is also critical. With the aftershocks, threats of flooding and dams breaking, things are far from getting settled. Much like Myanmar, China is a closed nation to Crusade staff. But through our partners there, we are able to pass on aid and relief. If you would like to help with that effort, you can give here.

The GAinUSA page is a great place to get the best information on what Campus Crusade is doing to help in both countries.

As the page for earthquake relief in China says, my intent is not to make anyone feel pressured to give. My purpose is that I know many of you are very generous and caring people. I am sure that as you have watched all this on the news, you’ve wondered, like I have, what you can do. I just pass this on so that you have a way to provide meaningful aid to the people in these devestated countries. So if you feel lead by God to help financially with these situations, here are two ways you can do so.

Connections – Part 2

This is part 2 of a series, where I am sharing some of my thoughts about missions and technology. If you missed it, you can start with Connections – Part 1. To summarize what I said there, it is basically a summary of how recently I feel that God has led me into various conversations and situations that have brought me to an understanding of how we could be better leveraging technology to reach the world for Christ. In this post I would like to start talking about just what that may look like. I’m going to be talking about technology but this should not be too technical. I want to do that, but it will come later. Right now I’d like to discuss in broad terms just how I think this could work. How can technology be useful in spreading the gospel?
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I don’t know what to say. I’m struggling to get my head around what is happening in Burma and now this. It’s hard to imagine. At least in China the government is concerned for the welfare of the people and is taking rapid steps to do what it can, as opposed to the junta in Myanmar where they would apparently rather see people die than chance losing their grip on power.

As you may know from the protests surrounding the Olympic torch, China is not as open as some countries. So there is one similarity to Burma. If there were CCCI staff in China, I couldn’t tell you about them. I did a quick google and various sources I found put the number of Christians in China at anywhere from 50 – 80 million or so. I am praying that they will have an opportunity to share the love of Christ with their neighbors – during this time of tragedy.

I am sure that we are going to have plenty of opportunities to show that love as well – especially in the form of assistance to the people over there. I hope and pray that we will do as we have in the past and share generously with people who had much less than we did when things were going well – and now are in dire conditions.

Happy Mothers Day

Everybody has a mom – so today has to mean something, on some level, to everyone.  If you still have your mom with you, I hope you get to tell her how much you appreciate her.  If you are a mom, well I really hope that today you feel appreciated and loved – like you should every day but sometimes might not.  If it isn’t a happy day for you, I pray that God will bring you the comfort and love that no human relationship can provide.

Global Media Outreach

Campus Crusade for Christ has a team that we call the GMO – or Global Media Outreach. They are a ministry that uses the internet to share the gospel with people all over the world. If you click on the link – you will be able to read stories from people who have come to Christ through the ministry and stories from the volunteers that make our websites so effective. In fact if you are a Christian with regular internet access they have instructions on how you can help. If you swing by, be and sure to look at the list showing just some of the web sites that are being used. I get excited when I look at their goals listed on their home page.

  • 1 billion gospel presentations
  • 100 million indicated decisions for Christ
  • 25 million discipled

What an amazing tool!


What is happening in Myanmar right now is truly tragic. It is probably even more difficult to accept because of situations like the seizure of food meant for relief. This may make it easy to understand that the government there does not recognize or allow Crusade staff into their country. So if there were any, we would not be able to tell you about them or talk directly about their work.

I can say that there are Christians with connections to that part of the world doing what they can with local churches and believers to try and bring some relief to the people affected by the storm. Even though the government is very much blocking relief efforts, there is some relief work going on and I think it is an important time for us to be in prayer for the people of Burma. Please pray that those who are trying to help would be a witness to the love of Christ for those people. Pray for their safety and help. You can pray for a plan that will bring food to 20,000 families in some of the worst hit areas as well as training going on for 8,000 local believers from 200 churches who will be doing the distribution.

I am also praying that the government of Myanmar would relent and allow the international community in so that relief efforts could be accelerated. While it is exciting to hear that 20,000 families may be getting help, obviously the scope of the problem is much larger than that.

Awesome Story from Mexico

In our newsletter we just sent out, we told the story of Pablo and how God connected him with Emily, one of our staff in Mexico City. We tried to do a good job of telling the story, though now you can read it as a professional would write it.

On Crusade’s front page is a great picture of Pablo, Emily, Juan and another classmate of theirs (the young gal in the black) that we did not meet. Right now it is the second picture that comes up – that could change. The story title is “I Want My Life to Count”.

It’s funny because Emily just got in to Orlando, she’s here for some training and goes back to Mexico on Tuesday. She came by my desk today and I said, “Your famous!”. We had a great laugh. Tomorrow I’m introducing her to other staff at a coffee/fellowship/training time and Monday morning Ingrid, some of our fellow staff from the Mexico trip and myself are all getting together for breakfast. It is a great privilege to work along-side and get to know such awesome people like Emily.

Emily tells me that since we were there, Pablo and his friends have written up a plan with objectives on reaching their campus for Christ. The school has refused to acknowledge them as an official student group but that hasn’t deterred them a bit. They’ve been doing prayer meetings and evangelism training. They are motivated and driving this effort on their own with Emily providing materials and coaching. It is totally great.