Day: May 1, 2008

Awesome Story from Mexico

In our newsletter we just sent out, we told the story of Pablo and how God connected him with Emily, one of our staff in Mexico City. We tried to do a good job of telling the story, though now you can read it as a professional would write it.

On Crusade’s front page is a great picture of Pablo, Emily, Juan and another classmate of theirs (the young gal in the black) that we did not meet. Right now it is the second picture that comes up – that could change. The story title is “I Want My Life to Count”.

It’s funny because Emily just got in to Orlando, she’s here for some training and goes back to Mexico on Tuesday. She came by my desk today and I said, “Your famous!”. We had a great laugh. Tomorrow I’m introducing her to other staff at a coffee/fellowship/training time and Monday morning Ingrid, some of our fellow staff from the Mexico trip and myself are all getting together for breakfast. It is a great privilege to work along-side and get to know such awesome people like Emily.

Emily tells me that since we were there, Pablo and his friends have written up a plan with objectives on reaching their campus for Christ. The school has refused to acknowledge them as an official student group but that hasn’t deterred them a bit. They’ve been doing prayer meetings and evangelism training. They are motivated and driving this effort on their own with Emily providing materials and coaching. It is totally great.