What is happening in Myanmar right now is truly tragic. It is probably even more difficult to accept because of situations like the seizure of food meant for relief. This may make it easy to understand that the government there does not recognize or allow Crusade staff into their country. So if there were any, we would not be able to tell you about them or talk directly about their work.

I can say that there are Christians with connections to that part of the world doing what they can with local churches and believers to try and bring some relief to the people affected by the storm. Even though the government is very much blocking relief efforts, there is some relief work going on and I think it is an important time for us to be in prayer for the people of Burma. Please pray that those who are trying to help would be a witness to the love of Christ for those people. Pray for their safety and help. You can pray for a plan that will bring food to 20,000 families in some of the worst hit areas as well as training going on for 8,000 local believers from 200 churches who will be doing the distribution.

I am also praying that the government of Myanmar would relent and allow the international community in so that relief efforts could be accelerated. While it is exciting to hear that 20,000 families may be getting help, obviously the scope of the problem is much larger than that.