Day: May 27, 2008

Myanmar and China

As a way to help with the situation in Myanmar, the relief arm of Campus Crusade, GAiN USA, is partnering with local churches to distribute relief goods. If you would like to contribute to that effort, you can do so at this page. The situation there is still extremely dire. The prayer requests that we have been asked to keep in mind are these:

  • For the plans just developed by the Southeast Asia leadership to distribute food and simple supplies to 20,000 affected families in Myanmar through partnerships with local churches.
  • For the training of 8,000 believers from 200 churches to distribute these goods and to be bearers of the gospel and Christ’s love. You can imagine all the funding and logistics needed to accomplish this.
  • For God to open doors and to give supernatural strength and wisdom.

The situation in China is also critical. With the aftershocks, threats of flooding and dams breaking, things are far from getting settled. Much like Myanmar, China is a closed nation to Crusade staff. But through our partners there, we are able to pass on aid and relief. If you would like to help with that effort, you can give here.

The GAinUSA page is a great place to get the best information on what Campus Crusade is doing to help in both countries.

As the page for earthquake relief in China says, my intent is not to make anyone feel pressured to give. My purpose is that I know many of you are very generous and caring people. I am sure that as you have watched all this on the news, you’ve wondered, like I have, what you can do. I just pass this on so that you have a way to provide meaningful aid to the people in these devestated countries. So if you feel lead by God to help financially with these situations, here are two ways you can do so.