New Jesus Film Film

Campus Crusade is working on a new version of the Jesus Film. This film will use the audio that has already been created in so many different languages. It will be animated and is being used to reach the increasingly media savvy of the world. There is nothing final put together yet, but here is a short clip of the kind of thing they envision. If you watch it and want to help you can take a quick anonymous survey.

Connections – Part Three

This is part 3 – If you missed them, here are Part 1 and then Part 2.

Wikipedia says that Web 2.0 is “… a term describing the trend in the use of World Wide Web technology and web design that aims to enhance creativity, information sharing, and, most notably, collaboration among users.” There is some debate on if the term really means anything, but it is one of those deals where it has been used enough that it doesn’t matter if it is really correct or not any more. When a site has a certain look, certain functionality and involves a lot of people creating and consuming content, that is web 2.0.

What web 2.0 does is it connects people in an active manner. It is taking the internet past static content being delivered from a few to the many. This is what sets apart the world wide web and the technology on it so different from mass media of the past. Radio made the world smaller by allowing news to be spread all over the world. It even allowed for two way communication on a very small scale. Television came along and brought the impact of seeing things and people alongside the sound content that had come with radio. The web does all that and something more that neither radio or t.v. could do – it allows for communication that scales. It would be difficult to get everyone on the web at once, but the number of users is already in the millions. There are social networking sites that number their users in the hundreds of thousands.
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Summer Projects are a huge part of Campus Crusade’s student ministry. They provide students with an opportunity to gain valuable training, in a setting where they put that training to work immediately. Every summer, thousands of students are all over the globe, on a summer project.

This summer, Ingrid and I have the privilege of staffing Orlando Summer Project. This project is just a little bit different than others. Part of this project is an internship at our world headquarters. The other aspects of our projects are still there. Students are involved in small group Bible study, one to one discipleship with a staff person, evangelism and a host of other opportunities. They also get a taste of how they may be able to use skills God has given them to further the Great Commission in a way that is not probably what people traditionally think of when they think about missions. We desperately need Godly men and women with skills that involve technology, graphic design, film making, finance, administration, etc. These students will try their hand at these kinds of things this summer in our office.
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