Summer Projects are a huge part of Campus Crusade’s student ministry. They provide students with an opportunity to gain valuable training, in a setting where they put that training to work immediately. Every summer, thousands of students are all over the globe, on a summer project.

This summer, Ingrid and I have the privilege of staffing Orlando Summer Project. This project is just a little bit different than others. Part of this project is an internship at our world headquarters. The other aspects of our projects are still there. Students are involved in small group Bible study, one to one discipleship with a staff person, evangelism and a host of other opportunities. They also get a taste of how they may be able to use skills God has given them to further the Great Commission in a way that is not probably what people traditionally think of when they think about missions. We desperately need Godly men and women with skills that involve technology, graphic design, film making, finance, administration, etc. These students will try their hand at these kinds of things this summer in our office.

This week is orientation week and we are pretty busy. We’ve gotten them situated in their housing, started to get to know one another, and covered the ground rules. Tomorrow we do tours of our headquarters as well as Wycliffe’s* headquarters. We also spend some extensive time in evangelism training – before we head to Cocoa beach on Saturday to do beach evangelism.

The kids are all out of school – so Ingrid and I trade off watching them and mix in a sitter as needed, since we are both involved in important parts of the project. Ingrid is one of the main leaders for the evangelism team that is planning all of our evangelism. I am leading a small group and doing discipleship with four of the young men on project. We both help out where we can in all the other stuff as well.

A cool thing about the project is that all the teams that lead the various parts of the project have students on them, and about a month from now the staff will step back and the students will take over. They will run the second half of the project themselves. They will plan the weekly meetings, they will lead the Bible studies and they will plan the outreach events. It is really cool. They are going to get some great experience in and out of the office.

Please pray for us and the students over the next 5 weeks. We know God is going to work in their lives and we want to do the best we can to facilitate that, and not get in the way. It will be exciting to report to you all that happens as we go along.

*They will be touring Wycliffe for two main reasons. One is that Wycliffe is a key partner with Campus Crusade. In fact four of our students will be working with Story Runners – which works out of the Wycliffe world headquarters. The second reason is that for the first time- we have a Wycliffe staff person and a Wycliffe intern joining us for OSP. They are interested in doing something similar themselves and are joining us this year to see how we do it. It adds a neat dimension to the project having our sister organisation take part in it as well.