I have no idea how I missed posting the entire month of August. I don’t do this a ton, but that really seems odd.

We did a week of family vacation – squeaked it in just before the kids started school. It was a nice time and we felt really blessed to be able to take the time and go relax. We spent it in the Tampa Bay area. Lots and lots of swimming- at the beach and in the pool. The little ones just never get tired of that.

Tropical storm fay blew by. Mostly to the east of us and it wasn’t too bad here. Some parts of Florida saw bad flooding, but where we live it wasn’t much in the way of wind or rain. We did have a few days where it was raining pretty much non-stop but I think the total rainfall at the airport was 7 inches or so – and we are just a few miles from there.

Probably one of the bigger things to happen in the month was our finalizing plans to move to a new department within Campus Crusade for Christ. This has been in the works for a while. By that I mean, God first started working on us when we were in Mexico in April. That was just by giving us some ideas and letting us see some needs. Then as we sought out guidance and information, things became more clear.

We are not leaving Orlando. We will still work at the world headquarters. But now we will work for the Global Technology Office. We will be providing tech support directly to our staff over seas. What we did in ITG helped those staff too, but this will be a bit more hands on in a way. As we move further into it we’ll post updates. I’ll try to make sure they aren’t over a month apart.