I Love The Fall

Here in Florida, the change in seasons isn’t quite as dramatic as many other parts of the world. Having grown up in Arizona, I’m used to that. Although there is even less variation here than there was there, which is hard to believe.

But I do love the fall, regardless. It has been cooler here and my bike rides to work have been wonderful. Of course we are keeping very busy, just like all of you. The kids are in full swing at school. We have small group and Bible studies going on. And we are spending the majority of this month focused on raising some new support.

This is something that is an ongoing part of our ministry and I really enjoy it. There are parts that are a bit difficult for me, but I do love meeting new people. I get to share with them what I am most passionate about in my life and I get to hear about what God is doing in their lives. It is an awesome opportunity. And when someone becomes a part of our ministry team, it is a special and new relationship with so much potential. It is more exciting than I would have ever imagined.

Once Thanksgiving hits, we will put that on hold and focus on our other ministry work and spending the holidays together and with family. (The Iowa contingent will be paying a visit.) We are so blessed and the reason I really love the fall is that we are about to enter into a season of giving thanks and celebrating our savior, Jesus Christ. What could be better than that?