Cool Time To Be Alive

I’m in Mexico helping staff to use a new on-line tool that will really help ministry. This morning I helped believers in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia with information and tools on how to share they faith. I did that via email. So amazing. Not only am I involved in global missions but I’m doing it in 3 countries, very far apart, at the same time.

Further Out of the Box

What would you do if you wanted to reach Arab Muslims with the Gospel? Obviously there are many ways you could do this, but would one of them that comes to mind be, “Head to London in the summer.”?

If that didn’t occur to you, don’t feel bad, I wouldn’t have thought of it either. But in the summer time one of the top vacation destinations for Gulf Arabs is London where they have a chance to get away from the heat of home. Jesus Film Mission Trips include the “London Bridges” trips where Americans can go to England and distribute materials and have the opportunity to engage in spiritual discussions with Muslims. This is also an opportunity for full families that want to engage in missions. Moms and kids can interact with their Arab counterparts, something that would be completely inappropriate for men to do. This is an exciting way to reach a part of the world that is closed to many traditional styles of missions.

Outside the Box

What if someone came to you and said they were going on a mission trip and they were wondering if you would help them raise the money to go? I’m hoping that you would want to know more about where they were going, what they would do there, etc. It’s important to be a good steward of what God has given us.

Playing out this scenario in your mind, imagine that they told you they were going to a country where the government is hostile to Christianity. They would not actually be doing any witnessing or working with local Christians. Instead they would be going around handing out business cards with a web site address on it. They would be slipping them under doors, leaving them with business people, pretty much doing whatever they could to get rid of thousands of these cards. Anything more would probably get them kicked out of the country at the very least, if not put in jail. How would you feel about that?

I’ll tell you how I would probably feel. I’d be skeptical and wonder if this was a good investment of my money. I am going to guess that if I didn’t know the person very well I’d be pretty inclined to just tell them I’d think about it, and I would before I told them I couldn’t help out. I would love to help everyone but I have limited funds and have to be selective.

Continue to imagine that a Christian missions organization had set up an evangelistic web site just for this closed country. They had even figured out a way to bypass that countries government internet filters. But – they had no way to let people in the country know about the web site. One can’t just go buy time on a bill board in a place like that, openly telling everyone “Go find out about Christ on this website.” So they send in a team of ‘tourists’ to get the word out with thousands of business cards. And – hypothetically again, what if the month that team went traffic to the site spiked by over 500% and 128 people or so from that closed country indicated that they had received Christ as their savior? Would it make you rethink the whole proposition? I know it would make me reconsider how I viewed that effort. God is at work and we need to be creative to keep up with him. We can’t keep doing things the way we always have. God is ingenious and moving constantly and we need to do the same. Who knows – the kind of scenario I have described may have even played out in reality somewhere. Of course, if it had, I couldn’t tell you about it for security reasons.

What holds us back?

On our staff web site there is a section where staff can ask Steve Sellers, our VP for the Americas/Oceania, questions about pretty much anything. Then every few days they post a new question along with the answer. I checked today and here is the question and answer. The emphasis at the end is mine. I can’t think of a better endorsement of our work here at World HQ.

“What are some of Campus Crusade for Christ’s biggest organizational and administrative needs in the US and abroad?”

As an organization, we are constantly in need of people who have skills and talents in the areas of administration, technology, communication and human resources.

The one thing that is usually lacking is our capacity in the administrative area.

There are some specific ares and positions where we have significant personnel needs.

  • Accounting
  • Computer Programming
  • Web Design
  • Writing/Communication
  • Or if you like working with people in a Human Resources role

I know a lot of people want to do field ministry and want to work directly with people. Yet, what keeps us from growing and being effective as an organization these kinds of administrative and organizational needs.

That is true across the world and in every ministry.

GTO Prayer Calendar

The Global Technology Office now has an online prayer calendar where you can see some of the different things our office is doing. It is an opportunity to pray about specific ministry related items we have going on. There is also a link there to download a pdf if you should want to download a copy. This represents things going on for our whole team of 30 or so folks. Ingrid put it together, I think she did an awesome job.