Prayer for Prodigals

Sometimes family members walk away from the Lord. Many of us have experienced this and there is a Campus Crusade community built just for people in that situation to gather on-line and pray for those people. It is the “Prayer for Prodigals” community. Due to the sensitive nature of the topic, membership is by invitation only. If you’d like to participate, contact Ingrid or I and we can email you an invitation. If you would like to know more about the community, there are two videos below.

Conference Went Well

I think it ended up being about 740 in attendance at the marriage conference. It was a great week-end and an extremely good investment of our time and effort. I’ll post more details when we get them from the folks at Family Life that ran the conference.

Weekend To Remember

Ingrid and I are staffing a Weekend to Remember conference this week-end. We are working in the resource center – and started this morning by unpacking all the books, cds, etc. and setting them up. Then we got trained to use the point of sale software. Looks like a VB app and the guy setting it up told me that its SQL Server underneath.

We staff the resource center during breaks and get to attend all of the sessions. It’s at a resort right next to Downtown Disney. We get a really sweet deal on the room. 814 registered so we should have 800 solid. I imagine knowing they’ll pull in a decent number of people helps them to get the room rate down. I can see the Epcot golf-ball deal out our window.

It will be a busy week-end but well worth it.

Going Mobile

The title of this post has kind of a double meaning for me, as we’ll be hitting the road here soon, for a busy summer that includes a decent amount of travel. But what I’m thinking about specifically are mobile devices – phones.

I’ve seen different numbers showing mobile penetration world wide at something like 3 -4 billion people. That’s half, to two-thirds of the worlds population. And the trend is that this number is growing rapidly. This is of course going on in the developed world, but mobile growth is happening at a blistering pace in the developing world. Folks who are out on the front end of technology and social change see what is happening and the opportunities that exist. That is why things are happening like Google sending MIT students to Africa to teach mobile development to university students.

Seeing as we are in the communication business, these are extremely exciting developments. I’ll be talking more about this, but just wanted to set the table for what I think are some amazing developments and potential in the mobile world.