Day: October 15, 2009

Connecting the Mobile Dots

Chris Sleath is a Brit, that lives in Texas and is the Director Of Virtual Movements for Africa and the Middle East. One of the things I love about working for CCCI is that this isn’t all that odd ball a mix around here. Virtual movements or virtually led in CCCI speak are movements that involve remote interaction. Chris has some information that is going to help me connect the dots with some of the stuff about the proliferation of mobile devices. I was in a meeting with Chris a bit back and he had a presentation he shared with us about Virtually Led Movements. You can download it from his blog and look at it yourself if you have software that can open pptx files. I’ll give you a few highlights.

His vision is

“Building spiritual movements so that everyone who has a TV, radio, internet access or cellphone in AFRICAME knows someone who truly follows Christ.”


Chris has put together an impressive amount of information about the penetration of various types of media across Africa and the Middle East. He also compares the way each media can fit into our strategic goals and plans. It’s pretty fascinating reading if you are interested in that kind of information on a nation by nation basis. Then Christ gets down to brass tacks. There is a lot of budgetary information next, which would probably be quite an eye opener for many. But I want to leave you with something that drives home my excitement about what cell and internet coverage world wide means.

Chris summarizes our field experience as this: In our Paris communications center 85% of the messages coming in are from internet based evangelism. TV and radio together generate the other 15%. Setting up a web site costs less than 1/10th as much as the studio and equipment required for TV and radio. Almost 600% higher response rate for 10% the cost.

Do we ditch radio and tv? No, we want to use every tool available. But we are working hard to be in the front end of what is happening with phones for the very simple reason that it is going to provide unparalleled access and impact to the people of the world. The internet and mobile phone tools we are developing will help us get going quickly, in a cost effective way so that we can build up movements that can benefit even more from radio and tv. I’ve got more to share on this, but we have a good start here.