The situation in Haiti is all over the news right now. I’ve been reading, listening and praying about it. There are a number of ways to help and I hope that you are getting involved. CCCI has staff and teams in Haiti of course though to my knowledge we haven’t been able to get word from any of them yet. The national director for Crusade in Haiti was actually out of the country with his son when the earthquake hit. He has not been able to get in touch with his wife and other children. We are praying for him and it is my understanding he’ll be back in Haiti tomorrow.

As you know CCCI is made up of multiple ministries and a number of them are actively engaged in providing aid and relief in Haiti. You can check the main CCCI site to give any of our other groups that will be working their. Though I think in this kind of situation GAIN will be our primary means of offering immediate relief. Their site has more info, and a place where you can contribute to efforts that will be taking place in Haiti.

And finally, stupid as it is, I feel a bit of pride whenever I hear or read that the carrier being dispatched is my old ship, the USS Carl Vinson. Vis Per Mare.