Day: February 25, 2010

Meals for Haiti

They are setting up downstairs to pack meals for Haiti. Our office consists of 2 main buildings that are each 2 stories tall. (There is a middle part that goes up another two floors but it’s small.) And there is an open section between the floors, so I have a pretty good view of where they’ve brought in the pallets of food and boxes, etc. I tried to get some pics with my phone. They aren’t that great but I’ll put them up here anyway.

Click on any of these for larger version.

There is rice and other ingredients to go into the meal packs. They have tables spread out all over (my picture is just of a few) where the meals will be packed. Then there are boxes for the meal packs.

We are doing this with Kids Against Hunger. If I remember correctly Kids Against Hunger are one of our partner organizations through GAiN, our relief arm. From 11 – 1 today anybody from the office can go down and help pack up meals. Like most of the stuff we do around here families are invited, so soon I’m sure it’s going to be pleasantly noisy as hundreds of people start packing meals.