This is Sam Varghese. Sam is the IT leader for South Asia and lives in Bangalore India with his wife and sons. Sam shares a bit about himself, his family and his ministry. Sam uses a word that I think would be worth explaining and that is “capacity”. Sam is heavily involved in every aspect of ministry including the operations side of things. Building capacity means putting in place resources, systems or processes that help us to do more ministry. This is a very important aspect of the work that we do.

At the end Sam mentions that he is involved in discipling students, and is trusting God that some of them would become “multipliers”. It is the goal of Campus Crusade for Christ that we not just build ministries but rather that we build movements. That new believers are discipled and become actively engaged in sharing the gospel and discipling others. This is what he means by multipliers.

I’ve worked with and for Sam remotely quite a bit, it was a joy to get to meet Sam face to face and spend some good time together working towards ways to fulfill the Great Commission.

I forgot to mention – that’s Steve Pierce in the background. He is undoubtedly doing something incredibly important during this break in the conference.