Praying in May?

I like to pray. I like it even more when I know stuff that I can pray about specifically. I think I’m not alone and to help others to know how they can pray for what’s going on at CCCI, there are a number of resources. I’ll point out a couple here that are new for May.

The GTO prayer calendar is a list of prayer requests for our department (Global Technology Office) and Ingrid put’s together a new one every month. You can see this months by clicking on this link.

Crusade has a Prayer ministry that puts together a prayer journal every month that can be downloaded as a pdf file. Here is a link to the May Global Prayer Movement Journal.

If you really enjoy that – the home page for the Global Prayer Movement is a good one to know. They’ve got some great reports and prayer request up right now from all over the world that were put together for our Global Day of Prayer last week.