Miles to go before I sleep

While it certainly isn’t snowing here, I keep thinking how nice it would be to have a quiet pause but it’s not to be right now. We have promises to keep and miles to go before we sleep. And a lot of miles it will be too. In just under 3 weeks we will be driving from Orlando to Ft. Collins Colorado. That’s 3 full days on the road. We actually spent more time driving last summer, when we went from Orlando to Phoenix, but we didn’t expect to be doing anything that long this year. It’s a bonus.

So what drives us to this craziness? Well it’s a program that CCCI calls XTrack. (We have a thing about “x” around here, I do not know why.) Basically it is cross cultural training for staff preparing to live and serve outside the U.S. long term.

I anticipate the next question this would bring up is, “Where you guys going?” And here it gets a little wishy washy. We might be taking a position at the Eastern Europe Area Office in Budapest, Hungary. The opportunity to do this training just totally worked out, even though we don’t officially know if we are going to Hungary or not. So we are stepping out in faith and heading out to Ft. Collins. (Which is not a bad deal really in the middle of the summer.) I’d intended to not really advertise all this until we knew one way or the other if we were making the big move, but this has forced our hand.

“So when might you be moving to Hungary?” Well we aren’t sure. I don’t think any sooner than January of 2011. So not for a bit, if that soon. We’ll keep you all posted. In the mean time you could pray for safe travel, that we would get a lot out of the training (all 5 of us, the kids get cross cultural training too) and that God would work through the rest of what needs to happen to finalize whether or not we go to Hungary.