Commissioning, Transition and God’s Love

Today we finished X-Track, our training to serve cross culturally. It’s been an amazing five weeks of learning and interacting with others. Last night all of us that have finished the program were commissioned. It was a beautiful service that included those of us being sent out being prayed over by the others. We grouped up by area of the world, we were charged, prayed over and then there was a prayer said in one of the languages spoken in the area where we were going. For us that prayer was in Russian.

At the end we sang praise songs and it was wonderful as well. Unknown to me though, my wife was experiencing something a bit difficult. We had the kids and the whole program ran about two and a half hours so we had them in our laps, close by, etc. Rachel was sitting on Ingrid’s lap as we sang a song that included the line, “If you want me to go, I will go”. Rachel looked at her mom and asked, “Do you think God want’s us to go?” Ingrid answered yes and Rachel replied, “But I don’t want to go.” and began to cry. We know parts of this move will be tough for the kids, though we also believe they’ll be very glad later when they can look back on it all. But it can still be tough right now.

There was of course a reception and food afterwords. We were talking to friends, and the kids were playing together. I began to look around to make sure I knew where all the kids were. I found Rachel sitting on a chair next to a young woman.

The young woman next to Rachel, had grown up in Budapest, where we are headed. She had gone to the school our kids will attend. She loved it so much that after college, she returned to the school as a teacher. Last year she taught the 4th grade. Her class will be Rachel’s class mates. She had her camera out and was showing Rachel pictures of all her class mates. She told Rachel each of their names, where they were from and a bit about them. She wont be there as a teacher next year, because she’s following God’s call to a very difficult place. She will be a team leader in a part of the world that may ask all of her, including her life. But last night God put her in the gymnasium of a church in Ft. Collins Colorado to minister to my daughter.

This is why we are going. Not out of obligation or because we think we have anything to offer of ourselves. We are going because there are people in Eastern Europe who have not met our Father who loves us like this. He’s given us more than we can imagine, and as if that wasn’t enough continues to lavish upon us more and more love. We just want everyone to have a chance to experience that love.