Os Guinness On Globalization

In one of the sessions at the Lausanne conference Os Guinness argued that,

“…globalization, the process, represents the greatest challenge to the Gospels since the apostles and the greatest opportunity for the Gospel since the apostles.”

Os defined globalization as, “The process through which our human interconnectedness has now reached truly global proportions.”

This leads him to discuss what drives globalization and he concludes, “But the deepest driver today is information technology.”

This was all part of an introduction to further material that is captured in a 15 minute video where Os talks about why he thinks this is important. (I would have embedded the video here but there is only one size available and it’s way too wide for our blog.)

Being a missionary that deals primarily with information technology I was pretty happy to hear this from such a high profile leader. Especially when he says things like,

“If we had longer we could see how what’s happening in the global revolution centered on information technology has been described as significant as the rise of the wheel or the invention of the alphabet and of human writing.”

Very motivating to me and I hope to others who are interested in reaching the world with the Gospel.

He makes a statement later in the video that also really caught my attention, though it has nothing to do with tech. I agree with it, though I wont opine at length about the implications but rather repeat it here for any who read to consider. Os says, “The church in the west is in profound cultural captivity.”

Is it? And if so (like I said, I do think so) what can we do about it?