Day: November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

As Ingrid and I sat at breakfast today, she mentioned that this is our fifth Thanksgiving in Florida. It is hard to believe. (On a related note, it occurred to us the other day that Eddie has lived longer in Florida than he did in Arizona. Kind of strange.) We are really hoping this will be our last Thanksgiving here for a while. Not because we don’t like Florida but because we are praying and hoping that we will spending our next few in Hungary.

But in the middle of looking back, and forward, we have so much to be thankful for. God is so good to us, and has really lavished his love on us in too many ways to count. He allowed his only son to die in our place, providing for the forgiveness of our sins. He gave us a beautiful world to live in. He has given us work to do that we enjoy and allows us to share in the joy of people coming into a personal relationship with him. It’s nice to have a day to pause and think about all that we have to be thankful about.

It’s our prayer that you are also able to think about all that God has provided for you. Sometimes it’s hard to see due to the day to day circumstances that can cloud our view of his goodness. But it’s there if we look.