If There’s Discretion That You’ve Not Abandoned

I run into things that turn my mind towards God’s truth all the time in all kinds of places. I was at the gym, sweating and in general feeling miserable. I heard a song that contained the following line,

If there’s discretion that you’ve not abandoned, now’s the time.

I really have no idea what the idea is that the song is trying to convey, but that one line just jumped out at me. In most situations it would be inappropriate. I’m all for discretion, Ingrid would back me up on this. I’m that way to a fault at times. I really like when everyone has a decent sense of propriety.

But there are times when discretion isn’t just unnecessary, it’s counterproductive. I’ll go as far as to say that there are situations where discretion is wrong. And I doubt many would disagree. I can remember a time talking with my brother and father in my parent’s back yard. The three of us were chatting near the pool while my niece ran around us. As she orbited our legs, one circle went wide and she went right into the pool. I can picture her hair spread out like a halo in the water. She was in well over her head.

My brother didn’t pause to think about if it was proper (or even smart) to get into the pool. He didn’t empty his pockets or think the situation over. He hopped straight in and had her up and out of the water in a second, maybe two. He beat dad and I to it by a breath and by virtue of having been closer to the pool.

Good for him (and my niece) but what does this have to do with God’s truth?

There are a number of emergencies taking place in the world right now. They are on-going but the window of opportunity, from an eternal perspective, is short. Imagine my brother looking at his daughter in the pool and then stating, “That’s not good at all. I ought to do something about it and as soon as I feel prepared I will.”

Sometimes people tell me I’m brave or imply that I’m good on some different level because I serve as a missionary. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Everything I do that has significance or weight is because God is awesome, good and loving. On my own I’m incapable of real good. That’s important to convey because we are all of us, every follower of Christ, in the same boat. None of us is inherently right and it was our realizing this that was key to our entry into the family of God.

That same God has given us all the Holy Spirit. When we live our lives walking in the Spirit, we are everyone of us capable of serving as conduits for God’s kingdom work. None of us are somehow more spiritual or better in some way that makes us more valuable in His work.

This means external circumstances are not what matters. I’ll go live in and work in Eastern Europe. You’ll live and work wherever God has put you. Both of us will be in the middle of a world full of lost people who need to hear the Good News. And it’s nothing to sit and think over, spending years of our short life waiting for some sign or breakthrough before we get engaged.

Might we look foolish or stumble? It’s almost certain.
Do we know enough to answer all the questions or how to fix all the problems? No.
Does it matter?
Now is not the time for discretion when it comes to passionately following our Savior.

When it comes to living a life that displays Christ to a dying world I would say, “If there’s discretion that you’ve not abandoned, now’s the time.”