Day: March 31, 2011

March Newsletter

Today is the last day of March. I finished our newsletter yesterday and put it in the mail room. I would think they’ll go out today which makes me say “Woohoo! We made it in March!”.

You can download this month’s letter by clicking on this link or by visiting our Newsletter Page.

If you enjoyed getting a glimpse into the life of our Area Team Leaders, Marek and Ala and would like to read more, a much fuller telling of the story is available here. And as promised in our letter, below is a very humorous video that I think shows clearly how humble our CCCI leaders are. They also love to have fun, even when that means poking a little fun at themselves.

(The gag isn’t original to us, it was first done by someone with BBC I think. Here is what I believe is the original. I think the added touch with the Polish is genius though.)