Where is Keszthely and how do you pronounce the name?

Keszthely, Hungary is the control center if you will, for huge amounts of ministry going on in various parts of Hungary and a number of other countries this summer. If you aren’t familiar with Hungarian pronunciation, your first question may be how to properly say Keszthely – or maybe you aren’t asking but just saying it wrong :)

In Hungarian the letter “e” is always pronounced like a short e in English. K is the same. “sz” sounds like an English “s”. “T” is the same as well so the first half is pronounced “Kest” No sweat.

In Hungarian “J” and “LY” are pronounced like an English “y”. The “h” is the same – so the second half sounds like “hay”. Run that together and we get “Kest-hay”. (The second “e” sounds different because it is in front of the “ly” – this is the only case (vowels in front of “j” or “ly”) that I know of where a letter’s sound changes.

If you want to know more about the town itself, Here is a link to the wikipedia article on Keszthely. It is a very nice town right on Lake Balaton, a major summer vacation destination for Hungarians and many other people from all over. Tourism is a big part of Keszthely though there are also many people who live here year round. We hold our English camp at a catering, tourism and commerce school – VSZK.

The English camp happens right on the campus with campers and most staffers living in the dorm. We have classes here, and use the field and basketball courts outside. The beach is a short walk from the school and so is the downtown of Keszthely. It’s a great location.

At the same time the English camp is happening (with primarily American’s working) many of our Hungarian staff form up teams and head out into Keszthely and other towns aroung lake Balaton to share Christ with people that they meet. We’ve also sent out other teams to help run similar camps in Slovakia, Albania, Romania and Siofok, Hungary.