Newsletter September 2013

Our latest newsletter is available to read on-line by clicking on the following link, Peck Family September 2013 Newsletter.

September was very busy. I hosted the Global Tech Leader conference at our office here in Hungary. I helped with the launch of the Expedition Teams (this is what the newsletter is about) and I went to Albania to help set up their system for tracking ministry results and then helped train staff to use that system.

October is keeping me just as busy. We have national admins coming from some of our countries to our office to be trained to use the system better that we just set up for Albania (we use it in almost all our countries). I’ll also be meeting with lawyers and national ministry leaders as we draft plans to deal with EU data privacy laws. Legal stuff is something I really don’t enjoy working on but it’s very, very important that we can use the best new tools without breaking the law.

Never a dull moment. And of course school is full tilt. Ingrid has a full load of classes as well as being involved in coaching the girls middle school soccer team. I think it’s a sign that we’ve been in Europe a little while now that I feel funny using the word soccer.

Hannah broke her arm playing soccer ( labdarúgás is the Hungarian word but football works anywhere ) last week-end but it hasn’t slowed her down much. Eddie’s soccer team wrapped up last season by playing in the Hungarian National Little League Championship. They lost by one run. And Rachel is staying busy with a major role in the next middle school musical as well as all of her normal activities. It is never boring here.

We appreciate everyone who prays for us and our ministry. We can never fit all we’d like to convey into the letters so for those who don’t mind reading a little more – I’ll try to keep adding additional updates here and at our Facebook page.