Update from Staff in Ukraine

We are getting a lot more information from our staff in Ukraine. I think they are seeing the Western news about what is happening and they feel like they have pertinent information to add.

Below is a summary of a letter we just received. If you are really interested in this, feel free to let me know and I’ll send you the full letter. I’m leaving off the contact info. and names of the people who wrote it so it does not come back on them.

Our dear English speaking friends!

We can`t help but notice that your media does not cover objectively the events in Ukraine those days and we are terrified to see that you might think that what is going on in Ukraine is a threat to the public peace or lives of our people.

Let us tell you just several simple facts and you will see that Ukrainians do not have any other choice but to do what they are doing:
1) On January 16th our Parliament adopted a set of laws that limit the public freedoms so absolutely that no other government in the world has ever turned its country into dictatorship so rapidly before.

2) Those laws were adopted by a severe violation of parliamentary procedure – in THREE SECONDS by the show of hands, the speaker of Parliament proclaimed the law was adopted).

3) One of the laws that I would like to underline specifically – permission for the police to use FIRE GUNS against demonstrators.

4) On Sunday in Kiev, after those laws were adopted, the demonstrants were trying to get to the Parliament to protest against the tyranny, but they were stopped half way by the riot police. Usually the riot police attack, people run away, the police catch lonely runners and beat them severely. This time though the people`s anger made them stay and face the police. the police were shooting rubber bullets and fire/gas/sound grenades. The demonstrators threw Molotov cocktails and stones in return.

5) Police seem to not simply following the commands of their commanders, but get personal satisfaction from beating and shooting at people…

6) Jobless were brought in and paid to create an illusion of chaos; damaging property, beating pedestrians, etc

7) our political leaders during those 2 months of the protest have unfortunately showed total impotence in conflict solving,

8) President Viktor Yanukovich is controlling all the governmental branches, including Parliament and Court.

9) there were several “round tables” organized but the government did not really want to negotiate…

10) The government is trying to discredit lawful demonstrants in Ukraine,

Ukrainians are peaceful, very patient and dignified nation with the centuries of history and rich culture… One has got to really cross the line to make a Ukrainian burst with anger. It seems that our government has finally done that…