About the Pecks

You have reached the web site of JR and Ingrid Peck. We are missionary staff with the organization Campus Crusade for Christ International. We are in the process of transitioning between assignments. We will soon be moving from Orlando, FL to Budapest, Hungary and we will be working in the office for Eastern Europe and Russia. We are taking what we learned in industry and putting it to work to reach the world for Christ.

What do we do?
JR will be taking the position Director of Technology for Eastern Europe and Russia. He will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to accelerate ministry through technology in all 20 countries that make up the area.
Ingrid will have two jobs.
She is a mom, taking care of the 3 kids and she will also be teaching at the International Christian School of Budapest. ICSB is a school started by Campus Crusade for Christ and other mission organizations as a resource to missionary families serving in Eastern Europe. All staff are missionaries themselves.

We are so excited to be able to be here, in the center of God’s will for our lives. It is a real blessing that we can spend all of our time and effort in helping carry out the great commission. We are planning our move for this summer, as all we have left to do is raise some additional support that we will need to live in Hungary.

Would you like to be a part of our team? We would love to have you on board. We need people praying for us and our ministry. We also need partners who would be willing to give financially to enable us to stay here and continue working. If you would like to know about Crusade, the Campus Crusade for Christ home page is a good place to start. If you would like to give, everything you need to know should be right here.

Who Are We and How Did We Get Here?
Ingrid was born in Deerfield, IL as Ingrid Berry. When she was 2 years old her family moved to Phoenix, Arizona. (Her father was born and raised in Arizona.) Ingrid grew up in Arizona, attending Horizon High School and then the University of Arizona. While a student at the U of A, Ingrid was questioning much of life and wondering about the purpose of it all. Within her dorm there was a Campus Crusade sponsored Bible study that Ingrid began to attend. The study sponsored an outreach event, and it was at that event that Ingrid heard that God loved her dearly and wanted to enter into a personal relationship with her. Ingrid had grown up in a Christian home, but it was that night that she clearly understood that she needed to accept Jesus Christ as her personal savior. She did and her life has never been the same since.

After completing her math degree, Ingrid traveled to Ghana Africa with the Peace Corps. She lived in Ghana, teaching math and helping the community where she lived with a development project. She assisted them in getting the funds to build a new well to provide fresh water.

When Ingrid was finished in Africa, she returned to Phoenix, taught for a semester and then took a position with Boeing as a computer programmer. At Boeing she worked on the software systems of the Apache Longbow attack helicopter. Later Ingrid moved from Boeing to Lockheed Martin, where she worked as a software engineer for radar imaging systems.

When she returned to Arizona she also began attending the singles group at Bethany Bible Church, and there met JR Peck.

JR was born in Kalamazoo, MI. As a youngster, JR would walk to the Hine home, neighbors that lived nearby, to attend Good News club. It was at one of these meetings that Helen Hine prayed with JR as he accepted Christ as his savior. When JR was 9, his family moved to Phoenix, Arizona.

JR attended Paradise Valley High School, and joined the Navy when he turned 18. He served 2 years active duty on board the U.S.S. Carl Vinson (CVN-70) and was accepted as a student at Moody Bible Institute shortly after his completion of active service. JR graduated from Moody in 1995 with a degree in theology and then moved back to Arizona. He began to attend the singles group at Bethany Bible Church and there met Ingrid.

The two dated for a year or so and were married on April 4th, 1998.

After getting married, and the birth of their first daughter, JR went back to school and picked up a second degree in Information Technology at the DeVry Institute of Technology. He was hired by Associated Creditors Exchange in Phoenix and began to work as a programmer and database administrator. This allowed Ingrid to shift away from working and be at home as our family grew with the addition of another daughter and a son.

We were doing pretty well. We were blessed with a nice home in Glendale, we had all our family around us, we had many dearly loved friends at our church. It was very comfortable. And God called us to pack up and move on.

We were working with the college group at BBC, and loving it. The only frustration was the lack of time to invest in these wonderful young people. This once again turned our hearts to consideration of full time ministry, but this time instead of God reaffirming that he wanted us to stay put, he began to show us through many people and events that he wanted us to move to a new stage of life and ministry.

In the summer of 2003 we began a dialog with Campus Crusade for Christ. In May of 2004 we attended new staff training in Daytona, Florida. Then we returned home and started to build a team of ministry partners. We met with folks, shared with them the vision of Campus Crusade and the role that we would play. As they responded, and some were able to commit to providing financial support, we prepared to move. In May of 2006 we had our initial monthly support raised, our house sold and everything packed. We all drove from Phoenix to Orlando. It has been a big change, but we love where we are, right in the center of God’s will for our lives.