Happy New Year!

2007 is done and 2008 is here. 2007 was filled with opportunities, blessings and friends. We look forward to what the new year brings and pray that above all else, it is a time when we all grow closer to God.


I remember at our national staff conference a couple years ago Crusade’s President, Steve Douglas described YWAM this way, “They storm the gates of hell with squirt guns.” And he loved that about them. They have partnered with us in the past, and work towards the same goals that we strive towards. We mourn with them for their loss now.

Angels rejoiced

Posted below the jump is the transcript of a conversation between a Crusade staff member and a visitor to EveryStudent.com who had logged in as “Confused”. I’ve experienced few things in life as exciting as having the privilege to lead a person to Christ. This is the next best thing. Read as this young woman comes to faith in Christ, I still get chills every time I do.
In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents. – Luke 15:10 Continue reading

Want to go on a trip?

I’m pretty excited about heading to Hungary in January. It will be my first time in Europe and I’ll be working directly with some of the staff that I support everyday from Orlando. Maybe you would like to go out and help further the gospel away from where you live now. One great way is to go with the Jesus Film Project. Take a look at upcoming trips.

You can be a part of bringing one of the most successful evangelical tools of the last 30 years to people who need to hear the gospel. In some areas, due to political considerations, participants merely distribute the film. In other countries, you can be a part of showing the film and every person I’ve spoken with who has done that, has also had the opportunity to see many people come to Christ. These are fantastic opportunities and I encourage you to take advantage of them.


Happy Thanksgiving.

Last night we attended the Thanksgiving service at our church. It was a time to gather, and share with one another the things that were thankful for. We took communion, remembering how Christ shed his blood and gave his body, so that we could have a right relationship with God our father.

Tomorrow we will eat too much and I’ll watch some football. But we will also take some time and think about who has lavished his love upon us. Whatever is good in our lives is from God and the day we forget that, is the day we lose track of the very reason we live.